Comprehensive Guide on *************** ************ and *********

2023-08-27 18:00:00 ****** ******* ************* ** *************** ** ******* *********** *** ** ** ************ ******* ** ********* ***** **** ** *************** **** ****** *** ********* *** ********** *** ******** ***************** ********* ** ** **** ****** ** **** ****** ********** ** ********** ********* ***** ** ** ******* ** ********* ********* ******** ******** *********** **************** ******* ** … Read more

The Controversial Caricature: Philippe Gilbert’s Facebook Post Causes Stir in Flanders

2023-07-24 14:25:14 The controversy has been driving Twitter for a few hours. It all starts with a Facebook post published by Philippe Gilbert on the occasion of the Belgian National Day. In this one, a caricature of the former racing cyclist can be seen lifting his bike in victory as he steps on a Flemish … Read more

‘I went to the worst place in the world to work and interviewed Theo Francken at his home’

Here is a job “unexecutable” after 50 years From the outside, the municipal crèche in Herstal is undoubtedly the worst place in the world to work. A huge bunker from the 70s, looks like a Soviet cartoon. Fortunately, inside it is softness that prevails and it is a performance given the mastodon. The crèche is … Read more

Reinforced security, public control… how Jurbise is preparing to welcome the Francken-Bouchez clash

The meeting is likely to cause mayhem. More than 400 people have already registered to hear the debate and others are still expected, since it is possible to come the same day without registration. But it is above all the arrival of people who have a conflicting relationship with the two speakers that worries the … Read more

“GLB has been learning Flemish for two years, without success…”

The poster is as sulphurous as it is intriguing. This Thursday evening, the president of the MR faces the leader N-VA in a debate-conference organized by the mayor of Jurbise, Jacqueline Galant. Buzz guaranteed, welcome committee, punch-lines galore, Theo Francken installs us in his office in Lubbeek, near Louvain, to preface the “match”. Would you … Read more

“Discussing the future of a country with a party that wants the end of it is surprising”, reacts the CSC

On Thursday March 9 at 7 p.m. in the Salle Jacques Galant, Georges-Louis Bouchez and Theo Francken will face off in a “duel” organized by the mayor. “I invited them to Jurbise to discuss the future of our country,” explained Jacqueline Galant. Read also Georges-Louis Bouchez facing Theo Francken of the NVA: it is Jacqueline … Read more