Proximity to the Kremlin: Scholz and the SPD are stuck in a Russia jam

In the debate about the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his Social Democrats are increasingly under pressure. On the one hand, numerous calls for faster and more decisive military support for the Ukrainian army by the federal government were once again voiced in Kyiv and Berlin over Easter. On the … Read more

Jaime and Gabriel Gilinski attended the Nutresa Shareholders’ Meeting | Companies | Business

Jaime and Gabriel Gilinski attended the Nutresa Shareholders’ Meeting |  Companies |  Business

In the Plaza Mayor Convention Center, in Medellin, the General Assembly of Shareholders of Grupo Nutresa was installed this Tuesday, place until where Jaime and Gabriel Gilinski arrived. (Gilinski would arrive at the meetings of Nutresa and Grupo Sura). The attendees captured the businessmen with their cameraswho were present at the meeting, along with their … Read more

Valentine’s Day, a story of sweet notes and banknotes

Celebration with bawdy origins, romantic tradition, recent commercial invention: the history of Valentine’s Day is all of these things at the same time. The February 14 holiday, celebrated almost everywhere in the world, honors couples in Europe, celebrates friendship more widely in the United States, and is a feminine ritual in Japan. Historical reminder and … Read more

Gabriel García Márquez had a secret daughter

Colombian Nobel Prize for Literature Gabriel Garcia Marquez he had a secret daughter more than 30 years ago with the journalist Susana Cato, as the journalist and writer Gustavo Tatis Guerra revealed on Monday, January 17, in the pages of ‘El Universal de Cartagena’. Dasso Sladívar, García Márquez’s biographer, started from a “rumor” shortly after … Read more

Markus Lanz: And then Gabriel speculates about the next coup in the USA

EThere was a moment at the beginning when the ZDF Talk had the potential to really surprise. A visit to the state of West Virginia last year “refuted prejudices,” said SPD politician Sigmar Gabriel, ex-foreign minister and honorary chairman of the Atlantic Bridge, on Tuesday evening with Markus Lanz. Gabriel wanted to find out how … Read more

Gabriel Boric, the boy who always wanted to be president

Maria Picasso and Picquer Profile The new president of Chile, with tattoos and without a tie, agnostic in a Catholic family, promises not to expose democracy and marks distances with leftist dictatorships In ‘The two sides of the coin’, one of the television programs with the highest audience in Chile, Don Francisco, the presenter, interviewed … Read more