Guide to Installing Traditional Chinese Language in Bethesda Games: Nexus Mods Download and Easy Installation

2023-09-06 00:26:00 Although the traditional Chinese language was available in The Elder Scrolls 5 and Fallout 4 in the past, this time Bethesda did not provide the traditional Chinese language system for players in Taiwan to use. However, with the efforts of many netizens, we still have a modified Traditional Chinese language file pack module … Read more

Unlock the Best Way to Play Bethesda’s Starfield with Xbox Game Pass: More Cost-Effective and Free Trial Options

2023-09-05 12:02:51 Bethesda’s masterpiece Starfield is finally on the market, but the original price of this game is 1990 yuan, which is not cheap. In addition to the mixed initial reviews, you may still be hesitating whether to start. In fact, there is a better way to play this game, that is to use Microsoft’s … Read more

Black Myth: Wukong – Unreal Engine 5 and NVIDIA RTX Powered Action RPG Reveals Stunning Gameplay Screens and Release Details

2023-08-23 14:57:42 Game Science released the new game screen of “Black Myth: Wukong” at Gamescom, using Unreal Engine 5 and NVIDIA RTX to show realistic effects, and the PC version will be released in summer 2024. The action role-playing game “Black Myth: Wukong”, developed by Game Science with the Unreal Engine 5 game engine, released … Read more

Explore the Universe in 2330: Uncover the Greatest Secret in Human History with Starry Sky Game by Bethesda

2023-08-23 15:02:22 The promotional video of the “Starry Sky” live-action game was released at Gamescom. Players can explore, collect and unlock the greatest secret in human history in the universe in 2330. Bethesda released the “Starfield” (Starfield) game promotional video performed by real people at Gamescom 2023, and the game is expected to be officially … Read more

Razer Xanthus: The Ultimate Gaming Apparel and Accessories for Fashion-Forward Gamers – Now Available at Razer Website and RazerStores

2023-07-13 03:35:55 Razer released the new Xanthus series of gaming apparel and accessories, which combines function and fashion and provides a variety of customization options. It is designed for game lovers who pursue fashion. The products are currently on sale at Razer website and RazerStores. After cooperating with the trendy brand Evisu (Fushen), the launch … Read more

Nintendo Direct 2023.6.21: Exciting New Games Announced, Including Super Mario Bros. Marvel and Super Mario RPG Remake

2023-06-22 12:22:36 Nintendo announced a number of new games, including Super Mario Bros. Marvel, a new theatrical version of Princess Brigitte, and a Nintendo Switch remake of Super Mario RPG. In addition, several new games with partners were announced. Nintendo announced many new games at the online conference “Nintendo Direct 2023.6. 21” held earlier, including … Read more