The Federal Chancellor’s Public Defender | Independent trade unionists in the public sector and in outsourced companies (UGÖD), October 2nd, 2023

2023-10-02 08:33:32 How the non-party Labor Minister Kocher supports his Chancellor Vienna (OTS) – Kocher’s defense work for Chancellor Nehammer in the press hour on October 1st, 2023 begins with praise for the government’s work: Highest social quota and the most social government in decades, later added by the highest budget of all time for … Read more

October 1st “UN World Day of Older People”: Volunteering is a benefit for society and those who volunteer

2023-10-01 06:52:09 Volunteering is important for living together and reduces the risk of developing dementia. The “Healthy & Active Aging Dialogue” is committed to creating new images of old age. Volunteer work has a long tradition in Austria. Over 3.7 million people volunteer or do volunteer work in their free time. In total, they work … Read more

Kostelka: Pensioners’ Association is planning a round table on the topic of age discrimination

2023-09-30 10:00:20 Age discrimination is deeply rooted in all areas and we are all affected by it – sooner or later. Campaign is intended to demonstrate Vienna (OTS) – On the occasion of tomorrow’s “World Day of the Older Generation”, Austria’s independent pensioners’ association is announcing a round table on the topic of “age discrimination”, … Read more

Polaschek (UG) zum aktuellen Nehammer Video | and

2023-09-29 18:38:04 It’s not the poor and unemployed who make it easy for themselves, but the Chancellor of the Republic Vienna (OTS) – It is a familiar scene in which Chancellor Nehammer’s current video takes place: a privileged circle, mostly men. The topics that the Chancellor presents to this apparently tight-knit audience in a sociable … Read more

Vaccination plan for women relaunched and updated

2023-09-26 06:36:41 COVID-19 and RSV vaccinations started for the first time Vienna (OTS) – A lot has changed in vaccination since the last edition of the vaccination plan for women. This is now taken into account in two new brochures published by the Austrian Society for Infections in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ESIDOG) and the Austrian … Read more

The Belvedere. 300 years of art

2023-09-21 14:26:10 Book presentation and Ö1 Artist Talk with Stella Rollig, Wolfgang Ullrich, Margot Pilz, Jojo Gronostay and Christine Scheucher on September 25th Vienna (OTS) – In 2023, the Belvedere will celebrate its 300th anniversary and look to the future. A comprehensive publication and a public discussion on September 25th will shed light on the … Read more