Defensive driving is not always safe driving

The rule is as simple as it is obvious: defensive driving ensures safety and helps to prevent accidents, while offensive driving involves uncertainty and danger. But is that really always the case? Anyone who is too anxious and hesitant on the road can also confuse other road users and thus cause dangerous situations in the … Read more

Verdict: “Right before left” often does not apply in parking lots

Many drivers assume that “right before left” is the general rule, even in large parking lots or in multi-storey car parks. This is often suggested by the signs on which the operators of the parking spaces draw attention to the fact that the Road Traffic Act (StVO) applies on their premises. There, the basic right-of-way … Read more

Men break traffic rules far more often than women

Men disobey traffic rules more often than women. This is the result of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) after evaluating the statistics for 2020. According to this, for example, 78 percent of all speeding violations are attributable to male drivers, with the proportion of female driving license holders on the reporting date being 42.6 … Read more