A Shocking Paternity Revelation Unveiled: A Chinese Grandmother’s Heartbreaking Discovery

2023-06-15 05:43:15 A grandmother in Zhejiang, China was taking her grandson out recently, and happened to meet her neighbor next door, but the neighbor suddenly said, “The child is not like his father.” After taking her son and grandson for a paternity test, she found out that she was not her own. (Schematic/Pixabay) When a … Read more

Wu Zongxian happily posted “Holding Grandson’s Meng Photos” with a loving face and a bright smile. The Internet melted: I am so happy|Entertainment|CTWANT

2023-05-27 14:18:37 Wu Zongxian posted a photo of himself holding his little grandson on the 27th. (Photo/Flipping photo of Wu Zongxian’s Facebook page) Sandy Wu Shanru married her husband Mr. Wang early last year, and announced her pregnancy in September of the same year. Her baby son “Mason Xiaojunyi” was born at the end of … Read more

“Grandson Murders Grandmother: Tragedy in Chênée”

2023-05-22 04:50:00 On Thursday, a family lost their pillar. Jenny Maréchal, 77, was killed at her home on rue des Prairies, in Chênée. The author, her grandson Erwin, 34, stabbed her several times. He then fled at the wheel of his grandmother’s car before being arrested on Friday at 9 a.m. by the Liège police. … Read more

The Shocking Truth of “Ghost Marriage” and Female Corpse Stealing in Mainland China.

2023-05-16 12:24:19 In some parts of the mainland, the custom of “ghost marriage” flourishes. (Schematic / Unsplash) In some parts of the mainland, the custom of “ghost marriage” is flourishing. In addition, there are more men than women, and women’s corpses are rare goods to live in. This has led to frequent cases of stealing … Read more

“Grandfather’s Heartwarming Dancing and Laughing Water Selling Goes Viral to Save His Dying Grandson: A Story of Love and Hope”

2023-05-15 09:14:17 Various types of videos go viral on social media. It also includes scenes that amaze people and seem unbelievable. At the same time, some videos can help some people in some suffering. Because the potential of social media is huge. Similarly, a video of a grandfather in China has gone viral on social … Read more

The grandson of Muhammad Al-Muji to Al-Nahar: The Entertainment Authority is trying to preserve the singing heritage

2023-05-04 05:45:00 A number of singing stars in the Arab world are taking part in the “Masterpieces of Al-Muji” celebration, which is being held tonight at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in Saudi Arabia, to honor the name of the late Egyptian musician Muhammad Al-Muji, one of the most important pillars of music in Egypt, … Read more