The noose is tightening against greenwashing

Par Claudia Cohen Published 1 minute ago, Update 1 minute ago Advertising campaign against “greenwashing” in the Paris metro. Credit: ARPP From 2023, a company will no longer be able to claim that a product is “carbon neutral” without proving it. The French State is stepping up its fight against “greenwashing” (or eco-laundering). From 1is … Read more

DWS exchanges CEO after suspected greenwashing

Frankfurt Only a few hours after the raid due to “greenwashing” allegations and after a long supervisory board meeting, the Deutsche Bank fund subsidiary is separating DWS by her company boss Asoka Wöhrmann. At the end of the day of this year’s Annual General Meeting, Stefan Hoops will become the new CEO. DWS announced this … Read more

Why US authorities are expanding their surveillance of Deutsche Bank

Why US authorities are expanding their surveillance of Deutsche Bank

DThe US authorities continue to have Deutsche Bank on their radar because of the “greenwashing” allegations against the fund subsidiary DWS. As can be seen from Deutsche Bank’s annual report published on Friday, the US Department of Justice complains that the bank informed it too late about the allegations. The institute had thus violated reporting … Read more

DWS pays record salaries despite green washing allegations

DWS pays record salaries despite green washing allegations

DWS CEO Asoka Wöhrmann The DWS boss came under massive pressure last spring. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt If you only look at the salaries and the numbers, everything seems fine at DWS: CEO Asoka Wöhrmann alone received total remuneration of almost seven million euros for the past year – around 15 percent more than for 2020. … Read more

Environmentalists launch seals of approval for climate change efforts by large corporations

Orsted wind farm The wind power producer supports the first independent test standard for CO2 targets for companies. (Photo: obs) Zürich There is no shortage of climate protectors – at least on paper: Thousands of listed companies worldwide have committed to more climate protection. But which companies are serious and have set binding and verifiable … Read more

DWS starts a detailed examination of the greenwashing allegations

Denver, Frankfurt The DWS is apparently starting a new examination of the greenwashing allegations that whistleblower Desiree Fixler had made public in August. However, the test should also go beyond Fixler’s allegations, reported the Bloomberg news agency on Tuesday. The fund provider, which is 80 percent owned by Deutsche Bank, has hired the renowned US … Read more