Daniel Noboa’s Inauguration: The Renewal of Ecuador’s Leadership

2023-11-25 04:38:38 The president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, together with the vice president, Verónica Abad, speaks during the appointment of his Cabinet, this Thursday in Quito.José Jácome (EFE) Daniel Noboa arrived at the National Assembly of Ecuador this Thursday with an air of renewal. The 35-year-old, son of millionaire Álvaro Noboa, who tried to reach … Read more

Analyzing the Rise of Daniel Noboa: Ecuador’s Presidential Candidate in the Second Round

2023-08-23 02:31:19 According to official figures from the National Electoral Council (CNE), González, from the Citizen Revolution, obtained 33.31% of the vote, against 23.66% for Noboa, from Acción Democrática Nacional (ADN). Both will meet in the second round on October 15. LOOK: Luisa González and Daniel Noboa will play the second round in Ecuador on … Read more

Christian Zurita: The New Presidential Candidate in Ecuador’s Elections – Latest Updates

2023-08-14 17:32:14 The party of Fernando Villavicencio, shot to death in Ecuador, proclaimed journalist Christian Zurita this Sunday as the new presidential candidate in the elections on August 20. The Construye movement had nominated the environmentalist Andrea González Náder, who completed Villavicencio’s presidential formula, as a candidate on Saturday, but changed the decision due to … Read more

Unveiling the Threat: The Story of Alias ‘Fito’ – Leader of Los Choneros and the Assassination of Fernando Villavicencio

2023-08-12 01:40:36 LOOK: Who is alias ‘Fito’, the leader of Los Choneros who threatened the assassinated Fernando Villavicencio One day after the 59-year-old former congressman and journalist known for his fight against corruption and organized crime was shot to death at the end of a rally, Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso declared a 60-day state of … Read more

Shocking Assassination of Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate Fernando Villavicencio: Watch the Live Transmission

2023-08-10 07:57:26 Shock in Ecuador. Presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was assassinated this Wednesday during a shootout while he was carrying out a campaign event in a central sector of Quito, relatives of the candidate reported. The Minister of the Interior, Juan Zapata, confirmed the information and assured that the attack was perpetrated by hitmen. In … Read more

Ecuador’s Political Turmoil: The State of the Presidential Elections and the Country’s Future

2023-06-05 01:54:00 Electoral advertising from the presidential elections held just two years ago can still be seen on the steep streets of Quito. president posters Guillermo Lassothen candidate, are mixed with the lackluster posters of the correísta andres arauz. These posters and frescoes, scattered throughout the Ecuadorian capital, will begin to be diluted shortly with … Read more