In the video, Jassim Al-Nabhan settles the controversy over his Moroccan wife

Kuwaiti artist Jassem Al-Nabhan topped the “trend” on social media, after its pioneers circulated videos and pictures of him with his Moroccan wife and their son a few days ago.And through his Moroccan wife’s account on “Tik Tok”, Al-Nabhan appeared in a video, during which he resolved the controversy and fallacies that were circulated about … Read more

Video: Dreams ignite the atmosphere of Riyadh on a different diamond night

The decor of the Abu Bakr Salem Theater was decorated to welcome the artist Ahlam and the revival of the diamond night, Friday, February 17, when the queen’s crown was placed on top of the stage, and her diamond decorated the stage with her presence among the musical band led by Walid Fayed, and the … Read more

Artist Khaled Al-Rifai reassures the audience about his health

reassured the artist Khaled Al-RifaiHis fans and his fans expressed his health, especially after he passed through a health ailment during the last period, and as a result he entered a hospital for treatment.Khaled Al-Rifai said, during his meeting with the “Yahla” program broadcast on the “Rotana Gulf” channel, at the beginning of his medical … Read more

In the video.. Abdul Majeed Abdullah’s exceptional night ignites the atmosphere of Riyadh, and these are its details

saw a night Abd Almejeed Abdallah The first was a euphoric atmosphere beyond description, from the Mohammed Abdo Arena Theater in Boulevard City in Riyadh, as part of the Riyadh Season concerts, and it was one of the most wonderful nights; Where the artist entertained his audience in a different atmosphere with all its moments, … Read more

Watch the video.. Haitham Rafi launches “Willy” with a youthful atmosphere

Omani singer Haitham Rafi has released his new song, “Willy”, written by Marwan Lahri, composed by composer and arranger DJ Outlaw, mastering Matty Harris, produced by Platinum Records, and the video clip directed by Ahmed Tahan. The video clip brought together the colors, the beauty of nature, the sea, and the night in a rhythmic, … Read more

A concert by Ayed and Mutref Al-Mutarrif in Kuwait on this date

Rotana announced, through its official account on Instagram, the release of tickets for the concert of the Saudi artist Ayedh And the Kuwaiti artist Mutrif Al Mutrifat the Arena Kuwait Theater in Kuwait City, for next Sunday, October 2, while the concert will be held on Thursday, October 20. It is noteworthy that the same … Read more