A high school student hid a cell phone in the school table and filmed a female teacher… 80 photos and videos found

◀ anchor ▶ At a high school in Gwangju, a report was received that a third-year male student had illegally filmed his teacher, and the police launched an investigation. It is said that he hid his cell phone under the school table and secretly filmed female teachers. It was confirmed that dozens of photos and … Read more

Rent-a-car collided with SUV while making an illegal U-turn early in the morning, 3 killed

◀ anchor ▶ Early this morning, on a road in downtown Gwangju, an SUV crashed into a car making an illegal U-turn, killing two people in their 20s and a high school student in their teens. Police are investigating speeding and drinking. Reporter Lim Ji-eun reported. ◀ Report ▶ A white car is stopped on … Read more

Tower crane dismantling is finished today… Search for missing persons resumed

The dismantling of the tower crane, which became an obstacle to the search for the collapsed high-rise apartment building in Gwangju, will be completed today (22nd). The search for the missing person, which was temporarily halted, will also resume this morning at the earliest. Correspondent Kim Jung-in. The tower crane dismantling work, which started in … Read more

Omicron ‘most’… “We need to speed up the third vaccination”

The number of newly infected people with the omicron mutant virus was the highest ever. In particular, as cases of unknown origin are emerging from all over the country, there are likely to be more hidden Omicron infections, but there are voices that the third vaccination rate needs to be increased to prevent the spread. … Read more

Lee Jae-myung’s ‘May 18 Cemetery’, ‘Bonghama Village’… Resignation from governor next week

◀ anchor ▶ Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung visited the Gwangju 5.18 Cemetery and Bongha Village. It seems that the first visit to these two places as the first schedule after the state audit was aimed at various political effects. Next Monday, I have decided to resign as the governor of Gyeonggi Province. By … Read more