After her sister’s henna party.. Find out the price of Haifa Wehbe’s dress, which caught the eye

After her recent appearance at her sister Hana’s henna party, the Lebanese singer was kidnappedHaifa WahbiThe audience, with her gorgeous look and elegant dress, then asked the audience about the price of this dress. According to the sale website, the dress is designed by Dolce & Gabbana, and its price is 1086 dollars.Haifa Wehbe starred … Read more

Haifa Wehbe shares the first pictures of her sister’s wedding to the public

The Lebanese actress participatedHaifa WahbiThe audience is the first photo of her sister Hana’s wedding, which took place last night, through the short stories feature on her own account on the social networking site. Haifa published a video clip of the bride, as she prepares to descend the stairs, and another romantic picture of Hana, … Read more

Haifa Wehbe looks out from the pool and enjoys her summer vacation

The Lebanese actress participatedHaifa Wahbi​The audience is a group of photos through her personal account on the social networking site, in which she appeared from Egypt from inside the swimming pool, while she was enjoying her summer vacation. Private and in the photo – after a plate was broken on his head.. Here is the … Read more

Haifa Wehbe captivates hearts with an eye-catching look

The Lebanese star was publishedHaifa WahbiA group of new photos through her own account on the social networking site. Private and in the photo – after a plate was broken on his head.. Here is the fact that Ragheb Alama’s son was assaulted Haifa Wehbe appeared with a more than wonderful look, attractive to the … Read more

Will Haifa Wehbe star in a series next Ramadan? | art stars

One of the pages belonging to the fans of the Lebanese star, Haifa Wehbe, published a post about receiving a number of texts on it, most notably starring in a joint Lebanese series alongside distinguished actors in the Arab world. The publication stated: “The production companies began competing to attract Haifa Wehbe’s attention to participate … Read more

Shukran Murtaja talks about her acquaintance with Haifa Wehbe and the latter comments

The Syrian actress spokeShukran MurtajaOn social media, about her acquaintance with the Lebanese artist ​Haifa WahbiShe said: “Haifa, who knows her closely, knows how much beauty is from the air of Qadish, which is reversed for real and about his experience.” Haifa replied, “Thank you, my love, from the air.”Followers and Haifa fans interacted with … Read more