A connected woman who takes off the dress of shame: (My joy is near and strong, and I am afraid of the wedding night. What should I do)?… You will not believe Heba Qutb’s audacity to respond to the air without shame.! !

2022/08/30 It’s 10:50 p.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Dr. Heba Qutb revealed the phobia of the wedding night, or the first meeting between married couples, that the most difficult thing for a person is to be a slave to something. This came in response to a caller who said in her question: My joy … Read more

A connected woman who takes off the dress of shyness: (My son practices this forbidden habit with great greed. What should I do)?… A sudden response from Heba Qutb shocks Amr Al-Laithi.!!

2022/08/27 It’s 01:50 p.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite My son is sixteen years old, and he engages in masturbation avidly, and I am ashamed to talk to him about its harmful effects, so how can I communicate with him? A question was received from a caller to Dr. Heba Kotb, a specialist in marital … Read more

A caller who takes off the dress of shyness: (My husband only sleeps with me twice a day and I don’t want to do anything more)?..A sudden and unexpected response from Heba Qutb that shocked Amr Al-Leithi.! !

In an embarrassing situation on the air, a caller asked Dr. Heba Kotb a question during a program clearly with the media Amr Al-Leithi, which is broadcast on Al-Hayat channel. The caller said that she has an intimate relationship with her husband twice a day and is not satisfied. Is this normal? Dr. Heba Kotb … Read more

My husband, with the power of a horse, brought me and my wife together in one room, and I want to do more. !

Dr. Heba Kotb, a marital relations consultant, receives strange and embarrassing questions from time to time and answers them through a program clearly presented by Omar Al-Laithi on Al-Hayat TV. In one episode, a married woman asked Heba Qutb a strange question, in which she said: “My husband is strong, so he brings me together … Read more

A connected woman confesses without an ounce of shame: (My husband wants me to do a forbidden thing with my partner at the same time during our intercourse)?..An unexpected response from Heba Qutb shocks Amr Al-Laithi.! !

During her weekly meetings with the media, Amr El-Leithy, Dr. Heba Kotb, a family relations consultant, discussed In his program, which is clearly broadcast on Al-Hayat TV, there are many issues and inquiries related to marital relations. The discussions include a lot of bold questions, which in the eyes of some may be outlandish or … Read more

You don’t have Nakhweh.. (a groom surprises Heba Qutb with a very bold question about the wedding night) and the latter gets excited by her reaction live.! !

Dr. Heba Kotb, a marital relations consultant, received a shocking question from a groom that caused her to be irritated on the air of the program “Blahaa” presented by Amr El-Leithi on Al-Hayat channel. The journalist, Amr Al-Laithi, presented the question to Dr. Qutb, in which the questioner says: “Is there a mistake in offering … Read more