SPÖ-Laimer: Brigadier Gruber confirms that we have too few personnel in the army

2023-09-19 13:09:06 A shortage of personnel in the army leaves equipment sitting unused in the garage Vienna (OTS/SK) – Today Brigadier Gruber once again confirmed what SPÖ defense spokesman Robert Laimer has been criticizing for months. A lack of personnel in the armed forces to service the Defense Minister’s enormous procurements. “The material growth in … Read more

Shocking Defeat of Armand Duplantis at Louis-II Stadium: Herculis Meeting Highlights | Pole Vaulting Competition

2023-07-21 22:08:00 Surprising evening at the Louis-II stadium. The Herculis meeting pole vaulting competition experienced a small sensation with the first defeat since September 2022 of star Armand Duplantis. The Swedish world record holder only cleared 5.72m before failing twice at 5.92m then once at 6.02m, leaving the victory to American Chris Nilsen (5.92m). Duplantis, … Read more