Emily In Paris’s engagement ring was stolen…its price is $82,000! (picture)

2023-05-11 20:00:55 American actress Lily Collins was robbed while she was in a luxury hotel in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. In the details, Lily Collins’s diamond engagement ring, given to her by her husband, Charlie MacDowell, disappeared from the hotel where she was staying for her summer vacation. The Emily in Paris star said she … Read more

Egypt.. A communication against the heroine of the series Jaafar Al-Omda.. and the disclosure of the charge against her

2023-05-04 17:48:05 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian lawyer, Ayman Mahfouz, submitted a complaint to the official authorities, against the actress Juri Bakr, who played the role of “Wadad” in the series Jaafar Al-Omda. The author accused the artist, Juri Bakr, of insulting Egyptian women, especially after her recent statements, according to the Egypt Times website. In … Read more

Get ready to meet the A+ level of fun. The Woman King, the iron heroine battle.

Sony Pictures is proud to present a quality production, The Woman King, starring Viola Davis, Thuso Embidoo, Lashana Lynch, Sheila Etim, Hero Fine Tiffin and Jo. John Boyega, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. Screenplay by Dana Stevens, story by Maria Bello and Dana Stevens, produced by Kathy Shulman, Viola Davis, Julius Tennon and Maria B. LLO … Read more

“Amber Heard” is compelled to settle the defamation case against “Johnny Depp”, but reiterates that he is not guilty.

A former lover who used to cast a spell of sweetness become a villain between “Johnny Depp” (John Depp) The talented actor who played Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and “Amber Heard” the heroine of the movie Aquaman after the couple got divorced before “Johnny Depp” will sue on charges defame As a … Read more

Her heart stopped for 22 minutes. Details of the Egyptian heroine, “Joumana Yasser”, suffering a health crisis and how she returned to life – video

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Jumana Yasser, the Egyptian champion in triathlon, suffered a health crisis last September 24, and because of this, her heart stopped for 22 minutes. details injury Jumana said, during her interview with the media with the “Ma’akum” program, on the CBC channel, that while performing the swimming exercises, she lost consciousness and did … Read more