Her heart stopped for 22 minutes. Details of the Egyptian heroine, “Joumana Yasser”, suffering a health crisis and how she returned to life – video

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Jumana Yasser, the Egyptian champion in triathlon, suffered a health crisis last September 24, and because of this, her heart stopped for 22 minutes. details injury Jumana said, during her interview with the media with the “Ma’akum” program, on the CBC channel, that while performing the swimming exercises, she lost consciousness and did … Read more

The parade welcomes the “hero” – the famous “heroine” from the “Udon Thani people”, jokingly rubbing the shoulders of the entertainers.

Recently, Channel 3 has led the procession. “Hero” – “Heroine” An army of actors from 4 dramas to give fun to the fans “Udon Thani people” to the whole story “Mekong River Fairy” , “Ai Khoi Hug You” , “Pong Lang Hak On Son” and “18 Crown Stumbles Love” on tour Provides fun to the … Read more

Dizzy, “Aff Thaksorn” walks with a dizzying eye. But this shot is almost a story, oops.

“Aff Thaksorn” Being a heroine, her mother’s degree is still beautiful, who is always more beautiful and is constantly being watched no matter what she moves.The latest movie Maya is a mystery.of “Aff Thaksorn“That many people are waiting to see the craftsmanship. It’s called the release of the trailer, not just “Af”, but an army … Read more

Open the warp of the rising star “Ying Anada”, a fragrant young woman Where is the common sight?

meet again forOpen the morning star Open the portal for new entertainment people to watch withelder saturday And this week has a profile of a very talented girl. The heroine’s degree comes to get to know each other, saying that her work has been seen a lot through music videos, series work and drama work … Read more

Urgent “Anne Hash”, a Hollywood heroine dead from an accident car crashes into house

shocking fans all over the world After the news reports that “Anne Heche” aka “Anne Heche”, a famous Hollywood actress, 53 years old, has died after an accident. seriously injured A Mini Cooper crashes into a two-story house in Mar Vista, Los Angeles. United States of America on August 5, 2022 in the past. Previously, … Read more

The heroine of the series “Star Trek” … the death of American actress Nichelle Nichols at the age of 89

The son of actress Nichelle Nichols, who played Lieutenant “O’Hara” in the TV series “Star Trek”, announced through his mother’s Facebook page, Sunday, that she has passed away at the age of 89. “My mum, Nichelle Nichols, converted last night and passed away from our world,” said Kyle Johnson. He added, “However, its light will … Read more