Widespread disease: every second person with high blood pressure does not know anything about it – guide

It is one of the most common causes of death: high blood pressure! It increases the risk of heart, brain and kidney problems. Because of high blood pressure, 8.5 million people die each year from cardiovascular disease or stroke. The bad thing is: Almost every second person with high blood pressure knows nothing about their … Read more

Almost every second person affected does not know anything about their high blood pressure | 08/25/21

GENEVA (dpa-AFX) – Almost every second person with high blood pressure worldwide knows nothing about their life-threatening illness, according to the results of the new studies. The number of those affected doubled between 1990 and 2019 to almost 1.3 billion people, as researchers from Imperial College in London and the World Health Organization (WHO) report … Read more

Lowering high blood pressure with flavonoids – healing practice

Flavonoid foods help lower blood pressure. However, the intestinal flora also plays a role. (Image: Dmitrii / stock.adobe.com) Link between gut microbiome and flavonoids Food with flavonoids have a positive effect on blood pressure and protect against heart disease, which, according to a recent study, can be at least partially attributed to changes in the … Read more

Identifying, treating, and preventing symptoms of hypertension

high blood pressure is difficult for those affected to recognize because the symptoms are not clear. Regular checkups and a healthy lifestyle can help. Nobody should underestimate high blood pressure: If it remains untreated, it will shorten the lifespan. The insidious thing about high blood pressure (hypertension): There are no clear symptoms. Many of those … Read more

This is how the body’s own blood pressure control works – healing practice

For the first time it was deciphered how the body perceives its own blood pressure. (Image: natali_mis / stock.adobe.com) Natural barometer helps maintain blood pressure A healthy body maintains stable blood pressure throughout life. So far, however, it was unknown how the organism even manages to perceive the current blood pressure. An American research team … Read more

Symptoms of a stroke can appear 10 years beforehand

Researchers have investigated whether a person’s risk of stroke can be predicted at an early stage. Which abnormalities indicate an impending event – and who is particularly at risk. Every year around 270,000 people in Germany suffer a stroke. The risk is primarily determined by age, gender and concomitant diseases. A recent study by Dutch … Read more