Ryanair will raise fares this summer

By Le Figaro with AFP Published 23 minutes ago, Update 20 minutes ago Ryanair forecasts “strong demand” for the summer of 2023, driven mainly by the return of Chinese to Europe. Paul Hanna/REUTERS The low-cost airline’s ticket prices are expected to rise 5-10% this summer compared to 2022, its boss Michael O’Leary warns. «You won’t … Read more

In the United States, a cold storm is about to spoil Christmas

Freezing cold, blizzards and snow may keep some Americans from crossing the country for the holiday season. Thousands of flights have been cancelled. Down to -55°C, thousands of flights delayed or canceled as Christmas approaches, freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall… The first effects of a storm like you don’t see only once per generation were … Read more

tourism returns to pre-Covid levels

More than 200,000 tourists should have visited Polynesia by the end of the year. The French Polynesia has managed this year to find a number of tourists comparable to the years preceding the Covid crisis, according to government forecasts communicated to AFP. More than 200,000 tourists should have visited Polynesia by the end of the … Read more

The Mississippi is dry, a cruise forced to interrupt its course

In a press release, the company announced that it could not continue one of its trips due to the abnormally low levels of the river. These scenes multiplied during the summer. In France, the almost empty Loire revealed the scars of an unprecedented drought. In China, the Yangtze River, one of the main reservoirs of … Read more

Too heavy, too polluting… How about reviewing our received ideas about motorhomes?

Thanks to technological progress and the rise of “vanlife”, the sector is undergoing major changes. We saw this at the Paris-Le Bourget Recreational Vehicles Show. It is an itinerant hobby that many French people practice every year. A feeling of freedom, local tourism, a certain form of minimalism and a taste for simple life… The … Read more

2022 ranking of the 100 best airlines, Air France is doing well

At the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2022 ceremony, Air France was voted Best Airline for the Western Europe region for the second consecutive year. Air France / Photo presse For more than a decade, the list of world airlines awarded by Skytrax has been monopolized by Asian airlines and those from the Gulf. Air France … Read more