Inside the Mind of Juhayman Al-Otaibi: The Untold Story Behind the Liberation of the Holy Mosque in Mecca

2023-09-22 14:37:37 Al-Marsad newspaper: One of the leaders of the operation to liberate the Holy Mosque in Mecca, Lieutenant General Muhammad Eid Al-Otaibi, revealed one of the stories of the disappearance of Juhayman Al-Otaibi, the leader of a group calling itself the Salafist Muhtasib, before his occupation of the Mosque in Mecca in the year … Read more

Breaking News: Body of Missing Kuwaiti Mubarak Al-Rashidi Found Wrapped in Carpet in Salmi Area

2023-05-25 19:02:57 Al-Marsad newspaper: The brother of the missing Kuwaiti, Mubarak Ali Al-Rashidi, who disappeared about 3 months ago, announced that he had received a call from the concerned authorities informing him that the body of his brother Mubarak had been found. And Kuwaiti media reported that the body of the late young man was … Read more

“Breaking News: Missing Abu Arish Found Dead in Jizan Hospital – Al-Marsad Newspaper Reports”

2023-05-17 13:36:54 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Today, Monday, the missing Anwar Mashi, known as “Missing Abu Arish”, was found dead after being run over in a hospital in Jizan. The “missing Abu Arish” was found today in a hospital in Jizan, after a search that lasted for more than a month. The Jazan Sawaeed Association for Rescue … Read more