Armie Hammer first responds to media after allegations of sexual abuse and cannibalism

young actor Armie Hammer Talented young actor from the movie The Man from UNCLE และ Call Me by Your Name beset by life problems that require the use of the following matters Must also be remembered until the event, forget to cancel the contract and don’t forget the therapy. For more than two years, he … Read more

“OMG! I love you so much..wrong rhythm”, the latest movie ‘Waiting’ Mantic ‘Ki Mai’ from GDH.

GDH together with Hello Filmmaker and iSM Bangkok proudly present the movie ‘Raw’ Mantic ‘Koi’ Medy ‘OMG! I love you so much..wrong timing’ which is the story of two people with chemistry But God doesn’t understand. The director’s work.skinThe first story of Phong-Thitipong Kerdthongthawee, a famous music video director. Hundreds of millions of views and … Read more

James Cameron ditched the script for Avatar 2 even though it took him a year to write.

Avatar The most successful movies in the world by the skill of directing James Cameron It took more than 13 years for a sequel to come out for fans.skinIt was seen that a year at that time was spent writing the script. and was completely blown away. James Cameron revealed to The Times that he … Read more

James Gunn admits he doesn’t like working on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. There are some actors he doesn’t want to work with.

It’s hot and cold for the actors in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 of the director James Gunn Which has come out to post a tweet venting his mind that he doesn’t like working with some big stars. And he also admits that directingskin His last Marvel story Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 It wasn’t … Read more

Godzilla vs Kong 2 will have a massive threat that plagues the two titans. must come together again

Godzilla vs Kong Warner Bros. Pictures has revealed the synopsis of the sequel Godzilla vs Kong that allows us to see Kong with Godzilla Let’s work together against a new massive threat from Hollow Earth, and it will take us to explore the origins of the Titans and the monster Skull Island. Godzilla vs Kong … Read more

The director says the fight scenes between Donnie Yen and Keanu Reeves will be unique.

It is a sequel that fans have been waiting for. John Wick 4 This sector has the best Asian action figures. Donnie Yen Come and fight with Keanu Reeves That’s the director’s job. Chad Stahelski Gotta deal with, but since he’s already a stuntman and a costume designer. Directing this scene made him feel that … Read more