HTC’s MWC hosts the premiere of the immersive metaverse drama “Lights on the Future Edition” Wang Xuehong: innovation + focus on user privacy | Finance | CTWANT

HTC held the premiere of the immersive metaverse drama “The First Day of the Night” at this year’s MWC, adapted from the well-known Asian IP TV series “The First Day of the Day”. Users can wear the VIVE XR Elite helmet in the hands of Wang Xuehong, the director of HTC Electronics, and can play … Read more

A new technology that allows you to participate virtually in NBA matches

The American National Basketball Association, the NBA, launched a new feature for its smartphone application, which allows users to place themselves inside the live broadcast of matches, using AR technology. And according to what was published by the NPR news radio website, the new feature depends on the user making a virtual copy of his … Read more

Meta loses VR visionary John Carmack

Dhe developer John Carmack announced his withdrawal from the Facebook group Meta over the weekend after an internal message to the American newspaper “New York Times” was leaked. Carmack served as Meta’s chief advisor on virtual reality (VR) matters – a division that was founded in Mark Zuckerbergs Efforts to build a virtual working and … Read more

HTC Introduces VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracking Kit and Expression Detection Kit to Make Virtual World Human-Machine Interaction More Real#vr (182386)

Following the launch of the VIVE Focus 3 exclusive expansion kit “VIVE Focus 3 Wrist Tracker”, HTC announced the launch of “VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracking Kit” and “VIVE Focus 3 Expression Detection Kit”, which can make VR all-in-one devices in the virtual world. Provides more realistic human interaction, and both “VIVE Focus 3 Eye … Read more

HTC Launches VIVE Focus 3 with Expression Detection and Eye Detection Kit to Make Virtual Portraits More Realistic (182249)

In addition to providing more accessories that can sense the user’s facial expressions and eye movements, HTC has previously provided corresponding accessories for wrist and foot motion sensing needs, allowing users to convert their actions in virtual reality into various data. , so that developers can create virtual reality application services with better interactive experience … Read more