organizations demonstrate their support for the transition and the army

Published on : 28/01/2023 – 20:37 In Burkina Faso, several social organizations demonstrated this Saturday, January 28, at Place de la Nation in Ouagadougou, to support the ongoing transition. This transition support gathering was also intended to support the Defense and Security Forces, the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland as well as the … Read more

a departure “without diplomatic rupture, unlike Mali”

Published on : 25/01/2023 – 14:14 The government of Burkina Faso confirmed on Monday that it had requested the departure of French troops based in the country within a month. The authorities are counting on a “patriotic burst” from the Burkinabe to fight jihadism, while calling for material support from their allies. Decryption. French troops … Read more

On the front page, who wants the skin of Captain Traoré?

Published on : 02/12/2022 – 09:45 Info or intox ? The alleged ” coup attempt targeting the power of the boss of the Burkinabe transition was initially disclosed by the site Omega Mediaaccording to which Captain Traoré “ confirmed “, yesterday, said “ destabilization attempt during a meeting in Ouagadougou with civil society organizations and … Read more

to face the terrorist threat, the army is recruiting 50,000 volunteers

Published on : 27/10/2022 – 06:47 The Burkinabè armed forces are launching popular mobilization to deal with armed terrorist groups. Recruitment of 35,000 volunteers on behalf of the country’s municipalities and 15,000 volunteers for the patriotic watch and defense brigade is underway. Volunteers who will be trained and put to use in the fight against … Read more