Korean leader Kim Jong Un with his own daughter for the first time in front of the world; Pictures are out

Last Updated : November 19, 2022, 13:12 IST Seoul: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared in front of the world for the first time with his own daughter. A long-range ballistic missile (ICBM) was tested yesterday in the waters under the control of Japan. Kim came with her daughter to witness this. The North … Read more

Kyunghyang: “Democrat lawmakers keep their mouths shut because they are afraid of attacking Kang-seong supporters”

On the 25th, North Korea fired three ballistic missiles, including an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The media reported that it was the first time that North Korea had fired an ICBM with a ballistic missile, saying that it was a ‘mixed shot’. In particular, it is analyzed that it is North Korea’s reaction to the … Read more

After Biden’s South Korea-Japan tour ends… North Korea launches three ballistic missiles in a row

◀ anchor ▶ After the US president met with the leaders of South Korea and Japan one after another, Russian and Chinese bombers invaded the Aviation Identification Zones of Korea and Japan. And North Korea fired an ICBM this morning, and our security authorities said that North Korea is likely to test a nuclear bomb … Read more

North Korea fires three rounds including ICBM

◀ anchor ▶ North Korea fired three ballistic missiles into the East Sea today. It is the 17th armed provocation this year, following the missile launch in four days of the Korea-US summit. Military authorities believe the launch was a mixture of intercontinental ballistic missiles, ICBMs, and short-range ballistic missiles. Reporter Hong Eui-pyo reports. ◀ … Read more

The term ‘Korean 3-axis system’ revived by the Yun Seok-yeol administration… Simple name change?

data photo [‘위협’→’도발’ 단어 변경에 이어‥’3축체계’ 용어도 부활] Ahead of the South Korea-US summit this weekend, South Korean military authorities are observing that North Korea is almost ready to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile and an ICBM. Rep. Kim Byung-gi of the Democratic Party of Korea, who is an opposition secretary of the National Assembly … Read more

Hit London in minutes! Intercontinental missiles appear in Russian military parade rehearsal | International | New Head Shell Newtalk

Russia’s RS-24 intercontinental ballistic missile (RS-24 Yars) appeared during the rehearsal of the “Victory Day” military parade on the 7th.Photo: Dazhi Image/Associated Press Several months have passed since the Russian-Ukrainian war started in February, and Russian officials have said that they will not use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. However, when Russia was rehearsing for the … Read more