‘Sensational Controversy’ Jennie’s debut film ‘The Idol’, season 2 canceled

2023-08-29 10:22:49 Reporter Maara, Money Today | 2023.08.29 19:22 Group BLACKPINK Jennie /AFPBBNews=News The HBO series ‘The Idol’, which was embroiled in controversy over sensationalism every episode, could not lead to season 2 after all. On the 28th (local time), American media Variety reported that production of Season 2 of ‘The Idol’ had been cancelled. … Read more

‘Gal’ Fifty Fifty Incident Lighting Controversy… “Is it a biased broadcast?” The home page is also paralyzed

2023-08-19 22:40:12 Money Today Reporter Park Hyo-joo | 2023.08.20 07:40 /Picture = SBS I want to know that broadcast screen capture ‘I want to know that’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Gal’) aired the group Fifty Fifty incident, but the broadcast was finished without being able to solve it coolly in any one. SBS ‘Gal’, which … Read more

Mariko Yamazaki: AV Controversy and Political Career in Shinko, Osaka

2023-08-16 02:34:27 Mariko Yamazaki, a local councilor in Shinko, Osaka, Japan, was dug up by the Japanese media to have participated in AV filming in the past. The picture shows the Japanese election data screen, not the person involved. (Schematic / shutterstock) The 39-year-old Osaka District Councilor Yamazaki Mariko was revealed to have worked as … Read more

The Fun and Creative Names for Single-Person Groups on LINE App: Curiosity of Female College Student

2023-08-08 00:40:11 A female college student expressed curiosity about the name of the one-person group of netizens? (Picture/Schematic, Dazhi Video) Many people create single-person groups on the LINE App for the convenience of note-taking. A female college student’s single-person group is named “Chi Chi Chi Chi”, wondering what the name of the group is? Netizens … Read more

Oh Eun-young pointed out “a kind of abuse” to his wife who goes out alone after feeding her child salad (Marriage Hell) | article details

2023-08-07 14:38:00 Oh Eun-young pointed out the behavior of the wife of ‘In-laws’.In MBC’s ‘Oh Eun-young Report – Marriage Hell’, which aired on the 7th, a wife who wants to be loved and a husband who only earns money appeared. On this day, while the husband was away at work, the wife ordered a salad … Read more

Outrageous Facts: Mother Faces Rapist of 5-Year-Old Daughter

2023-08-01 17:12:03 “These facts are despicable, my client did not have the courage to go beyond the third page of her hearing”, declares Me Laura Glorieux from the outset, speaking of Corentin, the rapist of the daughter of his client, then five years old. It has been two years since the facts happened, and her … Read more