The French Navy challenges 150 candidates

2023-08-25 23:42:36 As part of the “fight against illegal immigration, the Dirpa announces that a patrol boat from the French Navy arrested, this Friday, August 25, 2023, 150 candidates for irregular migration. The boat was intercepted 200 km off Saint-Louis. These candidates for emigration are expected tonight at 11 p.m. at the Admiral Faye Gassama … Read more

EU-Tunisia Strategic Partnership to Address Migration Crisis: A Model for North Africa

2023-07-17 17:26:43 The EU concluded on Sunday a “strategic partnership” on the migration issue with Tunisia, to curb the illegal crossings which are increasing from its coasts. An agreement presented as a “model” by the head of the Italian government Giorgia Meloni, but considered a setback by human rights associations. It is “a complete strategic … Read more

Search for Missing Migrant Boats: Urgent Collaboration Needed in Senegal, Spain, and Morocco

2023-07-12 06:52:16 “Every minute counts to find alive the more than 300 people on board Senegalese canoes (…). We need more research resources and better collaboration between Mauritania, Spain and Morocco”, insisted Tuesday 11 July on Twitter the founder of Caminando Fronteras, Helena Maleno. Three migrant boats, declared missing by the NGO off the Canary … Read more

EU offers Tunisia up to more than one billion euros in the long term

2023-06-11 10:05:43 The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, visiting Tunis on Sunday, accompanied by the head of the Italian government and the Dutch Prime Minister, proposed a “strengthening of the partnership” with Tunisia. This plan includes support for the fight against illegal immigration, with immediate financial aid of 150 million euros … Read more

The Plight of Migrants in Paris: Inside the Deplorable Conditions of Rue Erlanger Tent City

2023-06-03 08:12:32 Dozens of tents are set up for migrants in the schoolyard on rue Erlanger in Paris on June 2, 2023. Eloi PASSOT / LE FIGARO REPORTAGE – For two months, these young migrants have been piling up by the hundreds in deplorable hygienic conditions, rue Erlanger in the heart of the 16th arrondissement. … Read more

The government of Djibouti carries out operations to counter illegal immigration

2023-05-01 00:26:50 Published on : 01/05/2023 – 02:26Modified : 01/05/2023 – 02:48 “Saturated” by an influx of migrants, Djibouti is tightening the screw. Interior Minister Said Nouh Hassan announced on Sunday two operations to “control these flows”, including the establishment of a “traffic document” for foreigners working. For questions of “security and public health”, the … Read more