High Paying Project Manager Jobs in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia – Earn 55,000 Riyals per Month

2023-06-14 22:21:26 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A British resident in Dubai revealed the availability of 10 “project manager” positions in one of the major projects in the Al-Ula region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and raised controversy due to the high monthly salary for these positions, which amounted to 55 thousand riyals. Al-Britani said in a … Read more

Iraqi Restaurant Workers in Saudi Arabia Share Their Positive Experience and Opportunities After Reopening of Arar Border Crossing

2023-05-24 22:13:07 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Iraqis working in the field of restaurants recounted, during a media report to the “Saudi Arabia” channel, their experience of working in the Kingdom, and the facilitation of movement between the Kingdom and Iraq after the reopening of the Arar border crossing. An Iraqi working in a restaurant said: I have … Read more

“Potassium Bromate in Saudi Baked Goods: Al-Marsad Newspaper’s Coverage of FDA’s Prohibition”

2023-05-14 04:17:39 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Saudi Food and Drug Authority commented on what is being raised about the use of potassium bromate, which causes cancer, in baked goods in the Kingdom. potassium bromate The authority confirmed that potassium bromate, which is added to some food products, is prohibited in the Kingdom. Baked goods and pastries … Read more

“The Story of Saudi Arabia’s Drug Smuggling Punishment: The Proposal, Execution, and Controversy”

2023-05-09 18:42:14 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Hassan Al-Asmari, a Saudi officer with the rank of retired brigadier general, narrated the story of a proposal to him to apply the punishment for combating drug smuggling in the Kingdom, and revealed the name of the first person to be executed. He said during an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat: “King … Read more