Indian child prodigy says Omicron is a good sign and predicts that the epidemic will end on this day

“Indian prodigy” Anand said in his latest prediction that the world will be affected by the Omicron mutant and various countries will take various preventive measures. However, he believes that the emergence of Omicron is a good thing, because the epidemic will end after May 2023, but In response to the recent occurrence of natural … Read more

3 of the 7 big prophecies of Indian prodigy children will be inevitable in the world before May next year

“Indian prodigy” Abhigya Anand stated in his latest prediction that many countries will face floods because this is the “Year of the Moon.” In addition, he also warned that the world in the second week of December There will be great fluctuations, and we may see the epidemic crisis and the spread of the virus … Read more

Indian child prodigy warns of “something big in half a year”, this behavior will accelerate the earthquake

The Indian child prodigy Anand released the latest film, revealing the cause of disasters caused by heavy rains around the world in 2021, causing many deaths. He also mentioned that from December 14 this year to April 2022, the economy and weather of various countries may be in trouble. If you want to avoid disasters, … Read more

Indian child prodigy exposes 3 calamities of blood, 1 industry, 3 big countries, fear of falling into crisis

The partial lunar eclipse (also known as the red moon and the blood moon) will debut tomorrow night. The Indian prodigy Anand released the latest prediction yesterday that this partial lunar eclipse will last for the longest time in 580 years and will fall in Taurus, which may cause the real estate industry to suffer. … Read more

India’s prodigy 4 big predictions come true

“Indian prodigy” Anand has repeatedly predicted international events such as the new crown epidemic, which has aroused global attention. According to his latest video released by him, there will be three more major crises around the world after December 10, including energy crisis, power shortage and supply chain interruption. The United States will be renamed … Read more

Indian child prodigy predicted “3 major disasters before May next year” the world must pay attention to-Life-China Times News

The new crown pneumonia has swept the world for nearly two years, and many people are hoping to quickly return to their past lives. In this regard, Indian child prodigy Anand said that many things will happen from December this year to May next year, including the possibility of a larger-scale infection in December, especially … Read more