Effects of High Cholesterol Treatment on Stomach Health: Insights from Al-Marsad Newspaper, WebMD, and Times of India

2023-09-12 23:52:24 Al-Marsad newspaper: Doctors said that high cholesterol and its treatment can affect stomach health, according to WebMD and Times of India. Doctors explained that the liver is the organ responsible for producing cholesterol in the body, so if its production rates increase, it is difficult for the bile to get rid of it … Read more

Symptoms of Acute Fatty Liver: Discover Leg and Ankle Swelling

2023-08-19 17:45:01 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Experts have revealed a symptom of “acute” fatty liver disease that appears on the legs and ankles. Experts explained that one of the symptoms of cirrhosis is swelling of the legs and ankles, a condition known as oedema. They pointed out that liver damage can put pressure on the portal vein, … Read more

Do not ignore it .. “constipation” may indicate infection with these serious diseases! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Constipation is a symptom that indicates serious diseases, and many people ignore it and resort to laxatives to get rid of it. Among the symptoms associated with constipation: 1- Feeling tired. 2-Hair loss. 3-abdominal cramps. 4-Lack of weight. 5-vision problems. Among the diseases revealed by constipation: 1- Diabetes: Diabetes is also a hormonal … Read more

In its report, the Federal Reserve may cut rates in November 2023

(MENAFN– Al-Anbaa) The scenario for the US Central Bank’s move indicates that it raised it twice, in February and March, by 25 points A report issued by the National Bank of Kuwait said that the World Bank warned of the risks of a global economic recession in 2023. After initial forecasts were issued in June … Read more

Do not ignore it.. A “strange” feeling in the feet indicates vitamin B12 deficiency • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Experts explained that vitamin B12 deficiency can leave strange and disturbing symptoms if left untreated, including sensations that can be felt in the feet. Experts pointed out that when vitamin levels are low, nerve cells can stop working properly, which may cause pins and needles in the feet and other more serious problems. … Read more

Do not ignore it.. Foot pain indicates that you have a serious illness • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The British Arthritis Charitable Organization revealed that pain in the foot indicates an infection with osteoporosis. The organization stated that feeling pain in your feet at night can be an indication of the condition, in particular, for osteoporosis, three common symptoms, namely: pain and swelling in the affected joints; stiffness, especially if you … Read more