US retail sales recover strongest since 2021 | Business

A fruit and vegetable store in New York, USA on January 12, 2022. (Photo: AFP/VNA) Although retail sales in the US rebounded in January, marking the strongest increase since early 2021, as policymakers are closely watching for signs of consumer demand. use cooling. In the last year, US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) has continuously made … Read more

ECB warns labor unions not to ask for too high a raise | Business

European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. (Photo: AFP/VNA) vice president European Central Bank (ECB) Luis de Guindos on February 9 warned labor unions to avoid making excessive wage demands, as this could increase inflation. According to Mr. De Guindos, the reason why workers claim salary increase This is due to the … Read more

Fed considers continuing to raise interest rates in the near future | Finance

Fed headquarters in Washington DC. (Photo: THX/VNA) Federal Reserve (Fed) leaders are weighing continued aggressive interest rate hikes and putting more pressure on the economy. US economyfollowing an impressive job market report in January. On February 7, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the agency still had an important way to go to achieve its goal … Read more

Difficult business, Dell announced to cut thousands of jobs | Enterprise

A Dell spokesman affirmed that restructuring Dell’s operating system and reducing staff is an opportunity to run the company effectively. (Source: Dell) The wave of layoffs of US technology corporations continues due to the decline of this industry after consumer demand plummeted during the pandemic. COVID-19. Bloomberg news agency on February 6 said technology company … Read more

The European Central Bank continues to raise the basic interest rate by 0.5% | Finance

100 euro denomination coin in Rome, Italy. (Photo: AFP/VNA) February 2nd, European Central Bank (ECB) decided to raise the basic interest rate in the euro area (Eurozone) add 0.5%. This is the bank’s fifth consecutive interest rate hike. After the above decision, the three main interest rates of the ECB, the refinancing rate, the lending … Read more