Early Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer: Insights from Dr. Katie Kasrae and Cancer Research UK

2023-09-26 07:37:07 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Katie Kasrae, a general practitioner at the London General Clinic, revealed four “signs” of stomach cancer. Signs can appear in the very early stages of stomach cancer. Include: – Early satiety/fullness. – Unexplained weight loss. – Tired. – Constant heartburn. Other symptoms of stomach cancer For its part, Cancer Research … Read more

Protecting Women’s Hearts: Discover the Best Foods and Lifestyle Tips

2023-09-16 08:40:00 Heart diseases are the number one cause of death in women, coming in first place before breast cancer. From berries to tomatoes to fatty fish and oilseeds, discover the best foods that protect women’s hearts. In France, one in three women (about 200) die every day from cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart failure or … Read more

Title: “Recognizing Signs of a Heart Attack: Expert Cardiologist Explains Urgent Call for Ambulance”

2023-09-14 07:06:36 Al-Marsad newspaper: Cardiologist Dawn Adamson revealed signs of a heart attack, requiring an immediate call to an ambulance. According to Adamson, these signs include: “Pain in the middle of the chest or the left side of it, pain spreading to the arms, especially the left arm, neck, jaw, back, or abdomen. You can … Read more

The Mediterranean Diet: An Effective Preventive Measure for Stomach Cancer, According to Research Analysis

2023-09-13 17:31:00 An analysis of more than 11 studies showed that people who follow the Mediterranean diet daily reduce their risk of stomach cancer by 29 percent. Stomach cancer is the fourth cause of cancer death in men and the fifth in women. Among the risk factors, in addition to genetic predisposition, are stomach infections … Read more

Unlock the Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds: Studies, Nutrients, and More

2023-09-13 13:51:22 Al-Marsad newspaper: Studies have found that watermelon seeds are safe and considered a very important source of many nutrients. Studies have shown that watermelon offers many health benefits, as it soothes muscle pain, improves skin, and even reduces the risk of cancer. According to “Sky News” The seeds also provide fatty acids that … Read more

“12 weeks of total displacement, what should I do”… Orphan, hospitalized with sacral fracture

2023-09-08 05:27:00 Actor Go Ah-seong suffered a sacral fracture and was injured for 12 weeks. On the 8th, Go Ah-seong posted a picture of her hand with the background of the hospital along with the words “12 weeks of total replacement, what should I do” on her SNS. Offline – SBS News Fans continued to … Read more