1. “Homeless Woman Sparks Safety Concerns Near Duden Park in Forest: Residents Call for Help” 2. “Security Threat in Forest: Homeless Woman Creates Fear Near Duden Park” 3. “SDF Behavior Raises Alarm in Forest: Residents Seek Assistance” 4. “SDF Nightmare: Homeless Woman’s Disturbing Actions Cause Fear in Forest” 5. “Insecurity near Parc Duden: Troublesome SDF Woman Creates Chaos” 6. “Helpless Residents: Forest Community Seeks Help in Dealing with Troubled SDF Woman” 7. “Unsettling Situation: Homeless Woman in Forest Prompts Concern” 8. “Forest’s Safety Concerns: Disturbed SDF Woman Raises Alarm among Residents” 9. “SDF Troubles in Forest: Residents Struggle with Disturbing Homeless Woman” 10. “Duden Park: Residents Fear for Safety Due to Troubled SDF Woman”

2023-08-09 04:37:00 A homeless woman has been living a nightmare since the beginning of the year in Forest around Duden Park. Several residents of rue des Alliés and avenue des Tropiques feel helpless in the face of the behavior of the SDF and call for help. “My wife and other tenants have already come across … Read more

helicopter pilot killed in plane crash

2023-08-05 14:00:56 The victim, on whom no information was given, was alone aboard his two-seater. The pilot of a helicopter was killed on Saturday in the crash of his aircraft in Saint-Paul, in the north-west of the island of Reunion, AFP learned from the emergency services and the gendarmerie. The victim, on whom no information … Read more

Justice for Enzo: The Tragic Story of a Teenager Stabbed to Death in La Haye-Malherbe

2023-07-30 17:39:33 A white march took place on Wednesday July 26, in tribute to Enzo, 15, stabbed to death in La Haye-Malherbe (Eure). Photo provided to Le Figaro by Enzo’s family. EXCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE – The mother of the 15-year-old teenager, recently stabbed to death in La Haye-Malherbe (Eure), confided in Le Figaro. “I am an … Read more

Rats, Déchets en Tout Genre Étalés sur une Douzaine de Mètres: La Rue du Centre, à Jumet, est Littéralement Devenue un Dépotoir

2023-07-28 07:02:00 It was by chance during the Madeleine de Jumet this weekend that our team of journalists crossed the rue du Centre, behind the Intermarché. What was his surprise when he discovered the piles of rubbish strewing his surroundings! Garbage bags, waste of all kinds, going as far as the fridge, for a few … Read more

Cité Versailles Social Housing Complaints: Neglect and Lack of Maintenance

2023-07-22 05:00:00 The inhabitants of the social housing of the Cité Versailles in Neder-Over-Heembeek are fed up and they complain about the carelessness of the site. “There is no daily maintenance. And since it was taken over by Housing Brussels, we had to let it go, ”says Naïma, who has been in the neighborhood for … Read more

Uncovering Nighttime Disturbances: François Dvorak and the Troubles of the Lambin District

2023-07-19 04:33:00 François Dvorak’s daily life is disrupted by nighttime noise in his neighborhood. According to him, he is not the only one in this situation: “I have lost count of the number of tenants who have to take sleeping pills to get to sleep because there is so much noise in the evenings and … Read more