Sea of ​​stars | Lin Feng responds to the accusation of “Roaring Emperor”, who thinks he is the most crying drama series from the film|Hong Kong 01|Real-time Entertainment

The modern drama “The Sea of ​​Stars” starring Liu Tao and Lin Feng has been well received since its launch, and it has become the first TV series of provincial satellite TV in 2021 that has an instant rating of breaking 1, and the degree of discussion is also very high, especially Lin Feng in … Read more

Travis Scott Music Festival Stuffed 8 Deaths Conspiracy Theory Goes Crazy, 6 Major Evidences Related to Satanism Blood Sacrifice|Hong Kong 01|Music fans

Rapper Travis Scott held the Astroworld Festival for the third consecutive year in Houston, Texas, USA on Friday (5/11) evening, and Drake was the guest performer. Approximately 50,000 spectators entered the venue that night. Due to the excitement of the spectators flocking to the stage, a trampling accident occurred, resulting in 8 deaths and 300 … Read more

Chill Club Concert|Chan Kaiyong accidentally throws her skirt away and Dee saves the scene and sheds tears|Hong Kong 01|Real-time Entertainment

“Chill Club The New Vibes” was recorded at the 9th Exhibition Star Hall on Wednesday night (20th). The lineup includes the popular men’s group ERROR, Cen Ning’er, Jace (Chen Kaiyong) and Joyce (Zheng Xinyi). The atmosphere is quite lively, but the performance is on the way There was an accidental episode, Jace almost emptied her … Read more

ViuTV 2022|Jiang Taoma, Ian, Edan and Johnny To shoot movie-level “Three Lives”|Hong Kong 01|Real-time Entertainment

ViuTV broadcasts the “ViuTV 2022” program tour on Saturday (16th) to introduce the blockbuster programs of the coming year. It mainly separates the two fronts of drama and variety shows. The lineup of TV dramas is even more surprising. Many ViuTV elites are dispatched to carry out the big show. Cold, including God-level director Du … Read more

Anson Lo’s “Guru” bus is first exposed for the first time, taking the lead to watch one by one|Hong Kong 01|Real-time entertainment

The “Guru” officially left the factory today, (photo by Ye Zhiming) Anson Lo released a brand new single “Megahit” last month. The god disciple has invested in global cheering. In addition to mobile cheering cars and bus stations in Hong Kong, Luminous Buses also appeared today. The words Anson Lo and Megahit on the body … Read more

Anita Yuan’s “New Joy” at the airport is extremely rare for Birkin 35 Fray Fray to have a market price|Hong Kong 01|Instant Entertainment

When Liang Liang appeared at the airport a few days ago, the “new love” Birkin 35 Fray Fray appeared at the same time. (Visual China) Anita Yuan (beautiful) recently stayed in the mainland to start work with her husband Chilam. When she appeared at the airport at the beginning of the month, she saw her … Read more