Rising interest rates on savings accounts in Austria

2023-09-15 09:31:22 Even with a short commitment period, the effect is significantly higher than with daily balances Vienna (OTS) – The ECB interest rate statistics published by the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) show a sometimes significant increase in interest rates for savings accounts in Austria. On average, newly concluded tied deposits from private households had an … Read more

AK Savings Interest Test: Something is finally happening!

2023-09-07 05:26:21 Vienna (OTS) – The key interest rate hikes by the ECB have now also reached savers, albeit with some delay and not to the same extent: “But something is happening in the interest rate landscape,” notes Gabriele Zgubic, head of consumer policy at AK Vienna. She also points out that the AK bank … Read more

FPÖ – Fuchs: “In the interests of fairness for borrowers and savers, local banks must finally be asked to pay!” | Liberal Parliament Club

2023-08-30 13:14:26 “Banks and ÖVP Finance Minister Brunner are currently shamelessly enriching themselves on the backs of savers and borrowers” Vienna (OTS) – “In the interests of fairness, the local banks must finally be asked to pay up!” demanded the liberal finance and budget spokesman NAbg. Hubert Fuchs with the FPÖ motion “Fairness for bank … Read more

FPÖ – Kickl/Fuchs: Fairness for bank customers – FPÖ introduces immediate package of measures at special session | Liberal Parliament Club

2023-08-26 13:20:45 ÖVP, Greens, SPÖ and NEOS are asked to side with the FPÖ together with the citizens Vienna (OTS) – “Today’s Ö1 ‘Im Journal zu Gast’ interview by bank spokesman Cernko again revealed the arrogance and matter-of-factness with which the banks continue to want to make billions in profits at the expense of borrowers … Read more

JP Morgan Asset Management Survey: Inflation Threatens Savings (PHOTO)

2023-08-21 08:49:07 Vienna (ots) – Current survey shows that the higher interest rates on savings are not undermining the investment culture in Austria / But dissatisfaction that the turnaround in interest rates has not yet reached savings products In view of the ECB’s fastest cycle of rate hikes in over a year, interest rates on … Read more

FPÖ – Kickl/Fuchs: End profit maximization by banks at the expense of customers – through an excess profit tax or a higher bank levy | Liberal Parliament Club

2023-08-12 08:27:15 ÖVP finance minister Brunner is called upon to abolish the “apparent profit taxation” on interest on savings Vienna (OTS) – “The savers and borrowers are the big losers, the banks the big winners of the interest rate turnaround. The banks use this to maximize profits at the expense of their customers, especially savers. … Read more