World stocks wobble on Fed announcements on Wednesday and geopolitical crisis in Ukraine

World stocks are reeling ahead of this week’s Fed announcements and in the face of the deepening geopolitical crisis in Ukraine. Wall Street deepened on Monday the losses it had during the past week and the week began in the red, as did the Santiago Stock Exchange, which was coupled with the negative external environment. … Read more

International stock markets extend falls, but the IPSA closed higher

Analysts say there is concern among investors that it could be a rough year for tech stocks, which benefited the most from low interest rates. Wall Street on Thursday extended its negative performance after yesterday’s session. The main US stock indicators resumed a downward trajectory in their first trades, and despite attempting a rally during … Read more

Stock markets still resent Fed minutes and stocks fall globally

Wells Fargo indicated that the publication of the Federal Reserve documents “had been perceived with harsh conclusions.” Wall Street is still buzzing from yesterday’s session. Although the main stock market indicators in the United States resumed a downward trajectory in their first operations, after a few minutes the scenario changed to mixed numbers. The Dow … Read more

“Santa Claus” rally pauses on Wall Street as IPSA falls again

The SP IPSA fell 0.29% to 4,269.37 points. However, it still accumulates growth of 2.21% in 2021, which would mark its first year of earnings after three in the red. Wall Street closed the session with mixed numbers. On the positive side, The Dow Jones rose 0.26%, but the S&P 500 fell 0.04% from yesterday’s … Read more

A historic 2021 of IPOs for the euphoria of investors

From tech startups to “blank check” companies, share offerings from companies around the world raised a historic total of $ 594 billion in 2021 The IPOs of companies around the world in 2021 raised a historic total of $ 594 billion in rises on the wave of euphoric bull markets, although their subsequent stock performance … Read more