“Mom, I’m not dead”

Published on : 25/12/2021 – 00:36 On December 15, the French government announced the creation of a ministerial mission on illegal international adoptions. For decades, many children have been adopted under unclear conditions in France, but also in other European countries such as Belgium. Example with Coline Fanon, adopted at 11 months in Guatemala by … Read more

“Terrorism: the pangs of revenge” by Myriam Benraad

Published on : 23/10/2021 – 00:28 “Terrorism: the pangs of revenge” by Myriam Benraad, published by Éditions Le Cavalier Bleu (2021). © Editions Le Cavalier Bleu Revenge is at the heart of what terrorists do. During the trial of the November 13 attacks which is currently taking place in Paris, the main defendant Salah Abdeslam … Read more

“The Atlas of La Francophonie”, by Ariane Poissonnier

Published on : 28/08/2021 – 00:01 “The Atlas of La Francophonie”, by Ariane Poissonnier. © Éditions otherwise Through : Jean-Baptiste Letondeur The Atlas of La Francophonie, written by Ariane Poissonnier, journalist at RFI, is an educational book. In maps, infographics and texts, it provides a complete overview of La Francophonie, this international organization which brings … Read more

“Feminisms and artivism in the Americas (20th-21st centuries)” by Lissel Quiroz

Direction the Americas where political commitment often passes through art. This also applies to the feminists of the continent who use all registers of artistic expression to advance their demands. Historian Lissel Quiroz took an interest in the struggle of minority feminists. A collective work directed by her explores their artistic mobilization. Its title: Feminisms … Read more

“The part of the gods. Religion and international relations ”by Delphine Allès

Published on : 14/08/2021 – 00:02 Cover of the book “La part des dieux. Religion and international relations ”. © Editions du CNRS Does the religious factor dictate the course of the world? Is there a return of the religious fact? So many questions that Delphine Allès addresses in The share of the gods. Religion … Read more

“Authoritarian national capitalism, a threat to democracy”

Published on : 31/07/2021 – 00:30 Cover of the book “Authoritarian national capitalism, a threat to democracy”. © Blue Edition around What do Brazilian, Turkish and Chinese presidents Bolsonaro, Erdogan and Xi Jinping as well as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban have in common? They are all supporters of an authoritarian national-capitalism, which combines authoritarianism … Read more