[Wisdom in the Quartet]The group effect of vaccination-Fang Baoqiao| Apple Daily

With the birth of various new crown pneumonia vaccines, it seems to bring some light to the end of this epidemic. Although various vaccines have different side effects and even deaths, some infectious disease experts in Hong Kong pointed out that these cases may not be related to vaccination. It is directly related, but it … Read more

[Lao News Column]Originally, there were no people watching Oscars-Lao News | Apple Daily

This year is the first time that TVB does not broadcast the Oscars in 52 years. However, who cares? TVB is not well known to everyone, and the editors are extremely suspicious. In fact, the Oscars are not very popular. Honestly, how many people have tried to complete an Oscar? Instead of watching the news … Read more

【Big Game】Five Games in the World in 2022 (1)-Mr. Tregunter | Apple Daily

Quantitative change leads to qualitative change, where does the quantity come from? Look at the two total amounts. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Trump introduced an economic stimulus bill of 2.2 trillion (US dollars, the same below) last year; at the end of the year, he pushed another 900 billion; this year, after Biden … Read more

Li Huiling is exhausted physically and mentally at the end of the month, “I want to become a journalist” plans to switch to the text platform | Apple Daily

[Report from this newspaper]White terror is permeating, media and reporters have been arrested one after another. The network station D100 where several hosts were arrested has lost another important member. Veteran media person Li Huiling suddenly announced “Farewell” and resigned as D100 host in her D100 program “Doing the Big Picture” yesterday. She explained that … Read more

[FunBlog Blog]Hong Kong stocks rose more than 50% annually-Stock Rise | Apple Daily

The Hang Seng Index has not risen enough 7% so far this year. In the past two months, more people have been exposed to the dull market conditions, screaming that they are not addictive. The overall market conditions may be really addictive. The hot-hyped tech internet stocks pulled back last year and early this year, … Read more