Burned wood: concerns for the health of workers in factories

2023-09-22 23:19:02 After a summer marked by forest fires, it is now time to harvest and transform the burned wood. Thus, sawmill workers who process wood ravaged by the flames will be exposed to fine particles of burned wood for months. The Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) is interested in … Read more

Rapper MHD tried for murder is sentenced to 12 years in prison

2023-09-23 22:09:31 Despite his protests of innocence, MHD was found guilty of the murder of a 23-year-old young man. Rapper MHD was sentenced to 12 years in prison by the Paris Assize Court this Saturday, for his alleged involvement in the murder of Loïc K., who was lynched as part of a settling of scores … Read more

Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict: Updates on Disarmament, Ceasefire, and Talks Progress

2023-09-23 19:53:54 Azerbaijani military action: Will Armenia disarm? nhk.or.jpRussia’s Putin regime loses its prestige and surrenders to Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh. Unable to afford the Ukraine war, Turkey is allowed to dominate in the Caucasus (1/4) JBpressIsn’t it called “war”?Azerbaijan and Armenia are also “conflicts” – good reason for choosing the word Vehicle news[Editorial]Russia’s limits reflected … Read more

Moneris Restores Debit and Credit Card Payment Services After Outage: Latest Updates and Resolved Network Issue

2023-09-23 17:51:50 The debit and credit card payment services offered by the company Moneris are functional again, the company announced Saturday around 2 p.m. following a brief outage which caused frustration among merchants and customers. clients. In a statement published on X (formerly Twitter), Moneris claims to have suffered a network outage but that the … Read more

Shakira is on a world tour that includes the Middle East… ‘She will be old’

2023-09-23 16:51:00 In a new interview with Billboard magazine, Colombian singer Shakira excited her fans about her upcoming world tour, which will include 20 countries around the world. Shakira said that her world tours in 2024 will be of a lifetime and will include many new songs, and she hoped that ticket prices would be … Read more

Unifor’s Tentative Agreement with Ford: Gains for Canadian Auto Workers

2023-09-23 05:02:31 Unifor, which represents about 5,600 Canadian auto workers, said Friday the union unanimously approved the tentative agreement with Ford. Gains were made on wages, retirement and benefits, according to John Agnolo, Unifor Ford’s chief negotiator. The union that represents Ford employees in Canada announced Tuesday evening that it had reached this agreement, concerning … Read more