Emmanuel Macron opens the door to Kosovo’s entry into the European Union

The President of the Republic took advantage of an interview with the Kosovar Prime Minister to assure that his country was intended to join the EU, “when the time comes”, on several conditions. Wednesday June 23, Emmanuel Macron received the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, at the Elysee. On this occasion, … Read more

1,474 cases of dengue diagnosed in Reunion

We are publishing the full press release from La Réunion on this subject. Dengue epidemic in Reunion Circulation of the virus still intense despite a drop in cases From June 7 to 13, 1,474 cases of dengue were confirmed (against 1,591 the previous week). Although the epidemic continues to decline, the various indicators still indicate … Read more

Aquatic past detected in crater of Mars

The Perseverance rover detected a rock slope with sediments that prove the aquatic past of the Jezero crater on Mars and from which it will take samples during its mission, NASA announced today. According to information released by the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), this formation, named Delta Scarp, is 115 meters … Read more

In Brussels, the old sea serpent of unanimity resurfaces

ANALYSIS – Hungary has vetoed several foreign policy issues. A maneuver that weakens the messages of the European Union. The questioning of unanimity is a sea serpent for the EU. It resurfaced recently, as a member state – Hungary – vetoed Beijing’s condemnation of the crackdown on the democratic movement in Hong Kong, and then … Read more

Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 04:32 City Day boss: “Air filters do not replace ventilation and masks” +++

Thursday June 24th 2021 Coronavirus-Liveticker +++ 04:32 City Day boss: “Air filters do not replace ventilation and masks” +++ The German Association of Cities warns against exaggerated expectations when it comes to equipping schools with air filters. “The idea of ​​installing extensive air filter systems during the summer vacation is an illusion,” said managing director … Read more