The price of gold in Algeria, August 16, 2023.. 21 karat records this number

2023-08-16 15:11:11 HomeServicesWednesday, August 16, 2023 – 6:10 PM gold price Shaima Yasser Today, Wednesday, August 16, 2023, the price of gold in Algeria witnessed a remarkable increase, as the price of 24 karat gold recorded about 8.305 dinars, equivalent to 61.31 US dollars, while yesterday it recorded 8.273 dinars. “The Week” provides its followers … Read more

The price of gold is declining locally and rising globally

2023-07-29 14:11:17 gold priceCoinciding with the weekly holiday for the global stock exchange, gold prices in the local markets witnessed a slight decline during trading today, Saturday, while its global prices rose in trading yesterday, Friday, after the American personal consumption expenditures price index showed a decline in inflation, as it rose by 0.2% on … Read more

Learn about the gold price difference on the Egyptian Stock Exchange with goldsmiths’ shops

2023-06-11 13:23:05 gold price.. Gold prices on the Egyptian Stock Exchange website recorded a limited increase for 24 karat, a difference of 6 pounds from the local goldsmiths markets, to 2670 for sale and 2657 for buying, taking into account the intraday changes in the indicative prices displayed on the Stock Exchange website without an … Read more