Saudi Arabia dismantled a jihadist financing network with three Spaniards | Spain

The Riyadh authorities found large sums of money and proof of payment at the home of those arrested. hawalathe system of transferring funds between individuals based on trust that is sometimes used by terrorist groups, according to researchers. The three Spaniards involved were captured by the Saudi Terrorism Investigation Department (GID) and accused of jihadist … Read more

Three “jihadist” teenagers collected personal data from a possible victim to attack her | Spain

The dimension of this case reinforces the fears of anti-terrorism experts, who have seen in recent months how the number of radicalized young people captured has increased and how the risk has increased. In fact, since November, security forces have announced the arrest of six minors for crimes of jihadism. The last one was recorded … Read more

Israeli Military Confirms Most Hostages Alive: Latest Updates on Hamas Attack and Gaza Crisis

2023-10-20 14:28:13 According to the Israeli military, most of the approximately 200 hostages held by the radical Islamic Palestinian organization Hamas are alive. “The majority of the hostages are alive,” the army said in a statement on Friday, confirming that Hamas did not spare children and the elderly in its major attack almost two weeks … Read more

Travel Warning for Israel: Updates, Evacuation Support, and Crisis Preparedness Information

2023-10-15 08:02:55 The Foreign Office has issued a travel warning for Israel. The travel warning also applies to the entire Palestinian territories and Lebanon, said a spokesman for the Foreign Office in Berlin. The crisis team also decided to strengthen the crisis support teams already deployed to the region. There has been a travel warning … Read more

Israel-Palestinian Conflict: Unprecedented War and Rising Casualties

2023-10-08 19:36:22 Israel and the Palestinian militias in Gaza are experiencing their second day of war today with intense fighting in Israeli areas near the Strip where there is still a presence of Hamas, while the firing of rockets and bombings continue, with more than 1,100 dead on both sides in an unprecedented conflict. There … Read more

Escalating Conflict in Gaza Strip: Latest Updates on Death Toll, Injuries, and Destruction

2023-10-08 12:01:28 At least 313 people have died in the Gaza Strip since the start of fighting with Israel on Saturday, according to a new report from the Palestinian enclave’s Ministry of Health released this Sunday. In addition, 1,990 people were injured in Israeli fighting and bombings once morest the Gaza Strip, controlled by the … Read more

“Israel Launches ‘Operation Defensive Arrow’ in Gaza Strip Targeting Islamic Jihad: Watch for Hamas’ Response”

2023-05-09 11:06:01 Jerusalem / Abdel Raouf Arnaout / Anatolia Israel announced that Operation Defensive Arrow, which it launched in Gaza at dawn on Tuesday, is targeting Islamic Jihad, but its eyes are waiting for Hamas’ response. At dawn on Tuesday, the Israeli army announced the launch of a military operation once morest the Gaza Strip, … Read more