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A criminal case was opened against the deputy Galyamina for violations at rallies :: Society :: RBC

Yulia Galyamina (Photo: Sergey Vedyashkin / AGN “Moscow”) The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against the Moscow municipal deputy Yulia Galyamina for repeated violations … Read more

In Transbaikalia, they will check a video of a teenager lighting a candle in a church :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press The Investigative Committee for the Trans-Baikal Territory began checking a video posted in the media, where a teenager … Read more

In Chelyabinsk, 69 thousand people were left without light :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Sorokin Donat / TASS In the northwest of Chelyabinsk, due to an accident on the power line, 69 thousand people were left without electricity. … Read more

Egyptian parliament allowed the president to send troops to Libya :: Politics :: RBC

Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi (Photo: Thomas Hartwell / AP) The Egyptian Parliament unanimously approved the possible dispatch of troops to carry out combat missions outside the … Read more

Traffic on the Central Ring Road section from Mozhayskoye to Novorizhskoye highway was opened :: Society :: RBC

The opening ceremony of the section of the Central Ring Road from Mozhayskoye to Novorizhskoye Shosse (Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti) In the Moscow … Read more

VTsIOM named the results of exit polls on voting under the Constitution :: Politics :: RBC

According to exit polls conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 76% of the participants in the vote on constitutional amendments said they supported … Read more

The OP suggested not to strip the allowance of working parents of children with disabilities :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS Member of the Public Chamber, chairman of the National Parents Committee, Irina Volynets, proposed not to deprive parents of disabled … Read more