Retiree from Jalhay Receives Unjust Speeding Fine: A Shocking Story

2023-09-13 17:30:00 Louis Jacob, a retiree from the Jalhay region, has traveled more than 200,000 km in 10 years without committing the slightest offense or the slightest accident. This Sunday, returning from vacation, he discovered that he had received a fine for driving at a (corrected) speed of 51 km/h in a zone limited to … Read more

Complete Guide to Driving Safety for Seniors: Tips, Resources, and Personal Stories

2023-09-12 17:30:00 ** * ******** ********* ***** ** ******** ** ******* ********* *** ** ******** ** *** ********** **** ** ******** *** ** ** ****** ***** ***** ** ******* *** *** *** ** **** **** ** ************ ************ ** ** ******** ***** ** ********** ******** **** ** ********** ********** ****** ***** ** ***** * ***** … Read more

The Best of Local and Quality Cooking at La Ferme du Hélivy: A Table de Terroir Experience

2023-08-03 18:00:00 Cooking local and quality products, Valérie Boulton and Sylvain Deltour have made it a point of honor for the ten years that they have occupied La Ferme du Hélivy, in Jalhay. It is even a natural step to listen to them. It was therefore obvious that they were recognized as Table de Terroir … Read more

High-Quality Traffic Control and Safety Checks in Jalhay: Follow the Latest Updates!

2023-07-07 16:54:00 This Friday, July 7, the traffic department of the Fagnes police zone checked, in partnership with the mobile self-safety control unit, the various heavy goods vehicles circulating in the town of Jalhay. Of the 10 vehicles checked, three were purely and simply banned from circulation. Then, five trucks had major technical shortcomings (particularly … Read more

Jalhay’s Photovoltaic Troubles: Causes and Solutions

2023-06-12 17:31:00 Many of you have invested in photovoltaics. With the current heat wave, you should be happy with your purchase. However, on the side of Jalhay, many customers look gray. Read also Disconnected photovoltaic panels: Minister Philippe Henry is working on a compensation mechanism, “this phenomenon has always existed, but has accelerated in recent … Read more

Missing Father: Help Find Benoît Spailier, Last Seen in Jalhay

2023-06-01 15:08:56 “We are looking for my dad Benoît Spailier, we haven’t heard from him since he came to visit us on May 13, 2023 in the town of Jalhay. He was to fly back to Charleroi airport on Friday May 19, 2023 in the early afternoon for Marseille, but he never arrived home! Driven … Read more