“I thought it was safe…” Zaytiga, Xtandi, risk of side effects↑

Image Source: Getty Imagesbank [메디칼업저버 양영구 기자] A representative oral prostate cancer treatment that was considered relatively safe was found to have a high risk of metabolic or cardiovascular adverse events in actual practice. Recently, a research team led by Dr. Lillian Y Lai of the University of Michigan, USA, recently published in the Journal … Read more

Why combine Janssen’s vaccine with an RNA one (Pfizer or Moderna)?

Cristina GarridoCONTINUE Updated:27/10/2021 17:45h Keep Related news As of next November 15, people in Spain who were immunized with Janssen, the single-dose vaccine adenovirus against him Covid-19, may request a second booster dose, at least three months after the first inoculation, but in this case a drug of Messenger RNA (Pfizer or Modern), as announced Tuesday … Read more

USA: Johnson & Johnson requests authorization for booster dose of its anti-Covid vaccine

Pharmaceutical group Johnson & Johnson announced on Tuesday that it had submitted data to the United States Medicines Agency (FDA) for approval for a booster injection in adults of its single-dose vaccine against Covid-19. These data include the results of a clinical study in which a second dose injected approximately two months (56 days) after … Read more

Question of the day: Is a second dose of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine necessary? | TECHNOLOGY

Lima, September 22, 2021Updated on 09/22/2021 02:13 pm According to the criteria of Know more Pharmaceutical Johnson & Johnson said it has studies showing that a booster dose of its Janssen vaccine increases protection against the new coronavirus. The results indicate that if a second injection is added six months after receiving the single dose, … Read more

1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine 36.5 million people 71.7%… 43% complete

A citizen is being vaccinated. [사진 / 오훈 기자] [시사포커스 / 이청원 기자] 71% of the domestic population completed the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination, and 43% of them completed the vaccination. According to the Central News Agency on the 22nd, about 22.17 million people have been vaccinated in Korea so far, 43.2% of the … Read more