Living in Bali makes it difficult for Jessica Iskandar to be active in the entertainment industry

Jakarta – Jessica Iskandar poured out his heart to return to live in Jakarta so he could be active again in the Indonesian entertainment world. Since the mother of two lives in Bali, she is rarely seen on screen. “Because yesterday we lived in Bali, if in Bali it is definitely difficult to work in … Read more

CSB Became a Fraud Suspect That Made Jessica Iskandar Lose Rp. 10 Billion

Jakarta – The police report from Jessica Iskandar against CSB for a fraud case worth nearly Rp. 10 billion has finally come to light. Polda Metro Jaya has named CSB as a suspect. This was revealed by Jessica Iskandar’s attorney, Rolland E Potu. “On March 7, we received an SP2HP (Notification of the Progress of … Read more

Steven Attacks Back Jessica Iskandar, Demands Compensation of More than Rp. 50 Billion and 2 Houses

Jakarta – Action Jessica Iskandar report to the police and feel cheated into losing nearly Rp. 10 billion by Steven with a long tail. Steven actually demanded back Jessica Iskandar compensation of more than IDR 50 billion through a civil lawsuit. The man named Christopher Steffanus Budianto is demanding that Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag … Read more

Jessica Iskandar Crying Again in Court, Latest Facts Appear

Jakarta – Civil trial Jessica Iskandar and the opposing side Christopher Steffanus Budianto aka Steven is still rolling. Unfortunately, Steven was absent again during the trial process which took place at the South Jakarta District Court. When she arrived at the court, the woman who is familiarly called Jedar again burst into tears because she … Read more

Jessica Iskandar Angry, Suspected Fraudster 11 Cars Not Cooperative

Jakarta – Jessica Iskandar really expressed his emotions because Christopher Stefanus Budianto or Steven who he reported to the South Jakarta Metro Police were not cooperative. Steven was also not present at the trial at the South Jakarta District Court. The judge again adjourned the trial until October 19, 2022 on the grounds that the … Read more