Elderly leftover women wailed that they could not marry Chen Qiaoen’s “professional outlook on life” and shouted: My sister didn’t get married until she was 43 years old, what are you afraid of|Entertainment|CTWANT

43-year-old actress Chen Qiaoen fell in love with 9-year-old Malaysian rich and young Alan Zeng Weichang (Alan) because of the show “Daughters in Love”. The relationship is very sweet. The two also registered their marriage on March 31 this year. Recently, she shared her state of mind with everyone on the show. For some women … Read more

Chen Qiaoen still calls her parents-in-law “uncle and aunt” after marriage. A phone call made her cry | Entertainment | CTWANT

Actress Chen Qiaoen met Malaysia’s rich second generation Zeng Weichang (Alan) on Lu Zong. The two fell in love from the show to outside the show. They even lived together in Taiwan for a long time due to the epidemic and officially got married. Recently, they appeared again on Lu Zong’s “Romantic Journey of Wife” … Read more