Karime Scander: What does the actress’s boyfriend, Alessia Montalbán, do on ‘AFHS’, and how long have they been together? | At the bottom there is room | Karime Scander and her boyfriend | Alessia Montalvan’s boyfriend | Alessia Montalvan real name | EVAT | show business

Karime Scander lives her own love story with Ignacio Montagne. Photo: LR composition/America TV capture/Instagram capture Karime Scander She is one of the actresses of the moment, she is the one who gives life to the popular Alessia Montalbán in the well-known TV series “AFHS”. Although in fiction she makes up one of the most … Read more

There is room in the background: how many years apart is Jimmy from Alessia in real life | AFHS Season 9 | America Peruvian TV | Karime Scander | Jorge Guerra | tv show

The Peruvian seriesAt the bottom there is room” returned more recharged than ever in 2022 with its season nine, after having been away from television screens for a little over seven years. One of those examples is the popular Jaimito, who has grown up a few years and calls himself Jimmy Gonzalez. It is interpreted … Read more