Marvelous Jet Suit Display: Flying Man in Kochi Receives Governor’s Applause – Full Report on Google News

2023-10-06 18:35:49 Oh, a flying man in the sky; Curiously the jet suit Manorama OnlineFlying Man in Kochi, Applause Governor; Remarkable jet suit display -VIDEO | Madhyamam MadhyamamFlying Man in Kochi!; This is how the show won the applause of the governor Manorama OnlineSee the full report on Google News 1696632563 #flying #man #sky #Curious … Read more

Taika: The Authentic Taste of Kerala in Canada – Nadan Charayam Liquor

2023-10-04 22:36:04 Kochi ∙ Malayalee youths have introduced ‘foreign local liquor’ to Canada by experimenting with powders in the cage of Kerala’s native vat. Sajeesh Joseph from Kochi Vadutala and Ajith Padmakumar from Vaikom bottled the ‘native’ of Kerala in Canada under the brand ‘Taika’ which means tiger. Along with the name Taika, the labeling … Read more

Investigation Underway: Complaint Against DYFI Leader and Husband for Jewelry Fraud

2023-10-01 21:33:39 Thalayolaparamp ∙ A jewelery owner has filed a complaint against Puthanpurakkal Krishnendu (27) and her husband Ananthu Unni (29), the first accused and DYFI regional joint secretary in the case of fraud of Rs 42.72 lakhs from a private money transfer firm. MP Shukur of Vadakara Bismillah Mansil, who runs a jewelery shop … Read more

High Court Names Child in Dispute over Daughter’s Name – A Landmark Ruling for Child Welfare

2023-09-30 19:20:16 Kochi ∙ When the estranged couple quarreled over their daughter’s name, the High Court named her. The court used the special power explaining that namelessness is not good for the child’s welfare. Justice Bechu Kurian Thomas’s order on the mother’s petition invoked the legal power of ‘Parens Patria’, including being the guardian of … Read more

From Board Member to Fraud Victim: Uncovering the Truth Behind the 300 Crore Fraud in Karuvannur Cooperative Bank

2023-09-27 22:18:26 Iringalakuda ∙ No house of his own, no piece of land. Lives in a rented house and earns a living as a security guard. This is the life of VK Sugathan, former board member who had to face the responsibility of 300 crore fraud in Karuvannur Cooperative Bank. Sugathan says that the fraudsters … Read more

2018: India’s Oscar entry

2023-09-27 22:18:26 New Delhi ∙ Jude Anthony Joseph’s Malayalam film ‘2018’, based on the floods in Kerala, is India’s official entry in the foreign language Oscar category. The film was selected by a 16-member Film Federation of India committee headed by renowned director Girish Kasaravalli. 22 films from different languages ​​of the country were in … Read more