Taking male medicine to treat kidney stones, the man “dilated the kidney”

The most recent patient is NXP (60 years old, residing in Quang Ninh). The patient said, more than 2 years ago, the patient showed pain in the left flank, pain spreading to the back, went to the doctor and was diagnosed with kidney stones. However, instead of being hospitalized for treatment as prescribed by a … Read more

Study suggests that a roller coaster is capable of eliminating kidney stones

In recent weeks, a video has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram in which the final solution to eliminate annoying kidney stones is delivered: ride a roller coaster. The research dates back to 2018, when urologist David Wartinger discovered that his patient with kidney stones had lost them at any moment after riding a roller … Read more

6 tips to prevent kidney failure, including a healthy diet

There are several ways to prevent Kidney failureAll you have to do is know the correct diet, control diabetes and high blood pressure, and exercise and physical activities. In this report, we learn about ways to prevent kidney failure, according to the “Health” website. What is kidney failure? If your kidney function drops to less … Read more

Benefits of beetroot juice for the body – does it have any harm?

I wrote – Omnia Qalawun: Beets are seasonal vegetables that are popular in the winter season. When consumed as juice, the body gets many of the nutrients it needs throughout the day. In the following report, The Consulto reviews the benefits of beetroot juice, according to Eat This and Healthline. Also read: Amazing benefits of … Read more

3 negative effects of taking too much vitamin C Kidney stone risk, nausea, diarrhea

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the body. which are abundant in fruits and vegetables Getting enough vitamin C is extremely important for maintaining a healthy immune system. Helps to heal wounds. stimulate collagen production Maintain strong bone mass and also improves brain function However, many people take vitamin C supplements. because it is … Read more