SPÖ-Laimer: Make the militia ready for action, instead of building an alibi militia

2023-09-26 12:02:08 Militia is the backbone of the Austrian armed forces Vienna (OTS/SK) – SPÖ defense spokesman Robert Laimer shakes his head about the defense minister’s latest alibi action, which was reported today. Instead of working on an operational militia, a new mini-force should be created. “This alibi militia has exactly one purpose: it is … Read more

SPÖ-Laimer: Brigadier Gruber confirms that we have too few personnel in the army

2023-09-19 13:09:06 A shortage of personnel in the army leaves equipment sitting unused in the garage Vienna (OTS/SK) – Today Brigadier Gruber once again confirmed what SPÖ defense spokesman Robert Laimer has been criticizing for months. A lack of personnel in the armed forces to service the Defense Minister’s enormous procurements. “The material growth in … Read more

SPÖ-Laimer congratulates Major Verena Platter as the first woman in Austria to lead a battalion command

2023-07-15 11:36:40 An important step to motivate other women to pursue a career in the Austrian Armed Forces Vienna (OTS / SK) – SPÖ military spokesman Robert Laimer congratulates Major Verena Platter as the first woman in Austria to be entrusted with the leadership of a battalion command. “This is an important step for Major … Read more

SPÖ-Laimer to Tanner: Transparency is responsibility

2023-07-08 13:06:10 Camouflage and deception as guests in the journal Vienna (OTS) – “Transparency is responsibility! The documents on Sky Shield are to be submitted to Parliament,” SPÖ defense spokesman Robert Laimer told Defense Minister Tanner. As a guest in today’s Journal, she avoided all questions about the involvement of Parliament. “The minister had no … Read more