BYG Middle Road Mao’an involved in gambling, Riot has evidence to announce Mao’an ban | 4Gamers

In the “League of Legends” World Series held last night, the PCS representative team Beyond Gaming (BYG) only fought hard to reach the knockout round in five rounds. However, the joy of victory did not last long. Soon after the match was revealed, Maoan (Maoan) leaked the news beforehand. Casting is provided for friends to … Read more

“League of Legends” on the second day of the finalists, LNG, C9 record leading the pack, BYG will play DFM “League of Legends” tonight

  《League of Legends》On the second day of the 2021 World Series Finals, the Chinese LPL team LNG and the North American LCS team C9 led the way with three wins respectively, while the second seed BYG in the PCS Division of the Pacific League finally broke the ground on the second day and won the … Read more

“League of Legends” 2021 World Series revealed the theme song “Burn It All Down” ShowMaker and Chovy fiercely battle “League of Legends”

  《League of Legends》The 2021 World Series qualifiers are about to debut on October 5th. Riot released this year’s World Series theme song “Burn It All Down” this morning. There are many star players familiar to players in the film. Not only T1 Faker, but also last year’s world champion mid laner ShowMaker played against HLE’s … Read more

“League of Legends” team BYG announced the 2021 World Series players lineup Dinter will be on stage to help everyone cheer “League of Legends”

along with”League of Legends》The results of the group stage draw for the 2021 World Series have been announced a few days ago. The Mega Bank BEYOND GAMING (BYG), which represents the PCS division of the Pacific League in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia, has also officially announced its roster.   《League of Legends》The 2021 … Read more

“League of Legends” World Series draws PSG to face RNG and FNC Faker to lead T1 against EDG, 100T “League of Legends”

Riot Games will release the 2021 “League of Legends》The result of the draw of the World Series. As a result, the second seed of the Pacific League PCS Division BYG from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia was divided into Group B. The first seed PSG of the PCS will be in Group C … Read more

The 2021 “League of Legends” World Series draws on the 22nd of the PCS first seed PSG to replace North America on the POOL A “League of Legends”

Riot Games today announced the 2021 “League of Legends》The World Series system, the draw time for teams that many players are concerned about will be held at 8 pm on September 22, and PSG Talon, the first seed in the PCS Division of the Pacific League, representing Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia, will … Read more