“LinkedIn Announces Layoffs and Ceasing Operations of Job-Seeking App in China Amidst Global Tech Industry Job Cuts”

2023-05-09 09:07:00 LinkedIn announced it was laying off more than 700 jobs worldwide. and cease operations of job-seeking applications in China. LinkedIn (Linkin), a business platform and intermediary between employers and contractors. which is currently under Microsoft Announced to lay off more than 700 jobs and cease application operations in China. LinkedIn Chief Executive Ryan … Read more

Microsoft implements artificial intelligence in the “LinkedIn” platform

The American giant Microsoft announced a new set of features for its platform for professionals, “LinkedIn” LinkedIn, using the intelligent language models of the company “OpenAI”, in which Microsoft has invested billions of dollars. AI based features For its part, “LinkedIn” confirmed, in a statement, that it will provide advantages based on artificial intelligence, such … Read more

How to Anonymously View a LinkedIn Profile

Do you know how to view a LinkedIn profile anonymously? This is a very common question for people who want to maintain their privacy when browsing other people’s profiles on the social media platform. Staying anonymous can be useful for talent acquisition professionals, for example, who don’t want candidates to know that their profile is … Read more